RenameWiz 3.4

A program to Rename files and folders in easy steps
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This is a tool for all kind of users & easy-to-use in comparison with many others available in the market. RenameWiz is a program developed for personal use as well as for multiple licenses. This tool can convert a large number of files via various methods. It has an extended feature to add extensions to files. This tool would enable users to manage renaming various hidden files along with read-only files. While renaming, one can manage to add suffix or prefix to various files. This tool manages to replace file names with an incremental number and that too via search & replace functionality. While this tool is compatible with most of the Windows OS it is yet not stable for Vista. This tool would also manage changing various attributes of the folders and files. It is a good tool for most of the users. Support for this tool and related issues is available via email. I think there are certain other tools available for cheaper price and some of them are even free and have similar features.

chinubhai s
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  • Numbering can be provided
  • Manages prefix/suffix addition
  • Can run scheduler
  • Search and replace available


  • Not available for Vista
  • Installer has some old files
  • Cost too high
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